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About Us & How It Works

Cupcake à peindre

At Plâtre en Folie, we believe that the best way for a child to express his creativity is through the arts! Your child will be able to choose from a vaste selection of plaster figurines, paint it in the way he wishes, and to leave with it the same day!

When you arrive at Plâtre en Folie, you will be able to choose from several different figurines at varying prices. The prices displayed represent the model, the paint, the finish as well as the time spent in store with us!

Children's Parties

Fête d'enfants

Celebrate your child's birthday at Plâtre en Folie

From princesses to superheroes, we have the theme that will allow your child to create unforgettable memories.

Feel free to bring your own cake and food!

Plâtre en Folie
At Home

Have Plâtre en Folie delivered to your home!

Take a look at our photo gallery to know our models as well as our prices.


Just email or call us and our team will be happy to make the necessary delivery arrangements.

Enfant qui peint

Our Figurines

Everyone's interests are very different, which is why we offer every child the opportunity to choose their own plaster figurine to paint from a wide and varied selection!

We have animals, dragons, princesses, Marvel characters, and much more!

Check out the photo gallery for examples!

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